This is aminoIron

aminoIron 25 mg builds up iron stores effectively and is absorbed in the body up to four times better than traditional iron supplements. aminoIron does not normally cause troublesome side effects such as nausea, sluggish or loose stomach. You can take it whenever you want and preferably with food. Unlike traditional iron supplements, it does not inhibit the absorption of food. The effect is good, regardless. Moreover, amino iron does not contain any animal ingredients and can therefore be used by everyone.

aminoIron does not contain gluten, sugar, milk or any animal ingredients.

aminoJern Ferrochel:

  • Ferrochel® - patented iron compound that has been clinically documented in a number of scientifically published studies
  • Iron bisglysinate chelate = iron bound with glycine to form a dipeptide. This protects the iron atom through digestion
  • "Smuggled" through the intestinal wall via the amino acid transport system - out of the intestine = gentle on the stomach
  • Effectively absorbed and utilized in the body = good effect
  • No animal ingredients - approved by The Vegan Society
  • Can be used by all age groups

Safe to use

The patented iron compound in aminoJern Ferrochel® is developed and patented by Albion Laboratories Inc. USA. Ferrochel has been scientifically documented through a number of clinical studies in terms of efficacy, side effects and safety. Ferrochel has Gras status, which means that the iron compound is considered safe and harmless by the US Food and Drug Administration.

How to use

The recommended dose is 1 tablet daily, with or without food. Other dosages by agreement with a doctor. How long it will take before the effect is achieved will depend on the condition. For a normal iron deficiency 4-6 weeks.

How amino iron works

AminoIron contains a special iron compound, Ferrochel. In Ferrochel, the iron molecule is surrounded by two amino acids, one on each side. They form what we call a dipeptide. When you eat amino iron, the body will recognize the dipeptide. Dipeptides are very easily absorbed through the intestinal wall and the iron is allowed in as a free pass. Once inside, the amino acids separate and the iron is ready for use. You get a far better utilization of the iron and avoid stomach problems.

With other iron supplements, the iron is already released in the gut. The gut is not very good at absorbing pure iron, and much of the iron will simply end up in the toilet. And while the iron is floating around in your gut, it can cause a lot of discomfort.

aminoIron 25 mg is an iron supplement suitable for anyone with iron deficiency. Ferrochel® bisglycinate chelate is well documented in many clinical studies.


  • Efficient absorption of iron
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Vegan and suitable for everyone