Pregnancy and the need for extra iron supplements

Iron requirements increase during pregnancy, and it is recommended that all pregnant women have their ferritin levels (iron status) measured at their first antenatal check-up to determine whether supplementation is necessary.

Iron supplements for pregnant women

An article in NHI states that pregnancy and childbirth lead to an increased need for iron.

When you're pregnant, your need for iron increases. This is because two people are now consuming the iron stores in your body. During pregnancy, the amount of blood in your body increases by around 50%, which requires extra iron.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends that all pregnant women have their iron levels checked at their first antenatal check-up.

Iron in the diet

Iron needs are often met through our normal diet. Meat, fish and poultry contain a high iron content. So do cereals and bread products.

If you want to increase the absorption of iron in your diet, we recommend eating sour berries. You can often find them in muesli and cereals.

Why is enough iron important in pregnancy?

Iron is needed for fetal development, placenta and blood loss during birth. 

Iron is necessary for normal fetal development; among other things, iron contributes to normal cognitive development. Iron deficiency during pregnancy also increases the risk of low birth weight in the newborn and premature birth.

If you suffer from nausea and poor appetite, it can be difficult to take iron. This is because many people get nausea and a slow stomach from iron supplements. AminoIron can be a good alternative, as it is well absorbed in the body and rarely causes side effects on the stomach.

amino iron Ferrochel is clinically tested on pregnant women

A research experiment conducted by Næstved Hospital in Denmark shows that amino iron is well absorbed by pregnant women. This means that a smaller dose of amino iron will cover your need for iron. In addition, amino iron is both vegetable and gentle on the body.

During childbirth, it is normal to lose between 0.2 and 0.4 liters of blood. To rebuild the body's iron stores after pregnancy and childbirth, it may be a good idea to take iron supplements immediately after birth.

aminoIron 25 mg is an iron supplement suitable for anyone with iron deficiency. Ferrochel® bisglycinate chelate is well documented in many clinical studies.


  • Efficient absorption of iron
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Vegan and suitable for everyone